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Sticky iPhone Case in Black

RM 49.99


Stick your phone anywhere using this nano-suction Sticky Phone Case! Just push your phone against the surface and see it magically stay there!

It sticks to most flat, smooth and non-porous surfaces


  • Using thousands of Nano-sized craters on the surface of the case, each working like a little vacuum to hold the phone case
  • Sticks to most flat surfaces eg. glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets, tile, flat car dashboards and more
  • Being a vacuum, it also traps dirt and dust thus we advise to clean once a week
  • As long as the craters not damaged, and the phone case is clean, the “stickiness” won’t die out

Cleaning Guides

Clean easily with a little bit of water and rub with hands

Don’t use a hard brush to clean it, as it could damage the case and its ability to stick


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